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Konecto's Hypercare: Beyond Customer Support

With Konecto’s Hypercare, you’re never alone on your IoT journey.

Proactive Technical Support
Hypercare ensures that any issue that arises is addressed immediately, ensuring seamless operations and minimal disruptions.

Continuous Improvement
We actively identify enhancement opportunities, manage the evolution roadmap, and guide you towards sustained long-term outcomes.

End-user Adoption
Konecto actively works with your organization to boost end-user adoption and improve overall satisfaction.

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Supporting your IoT journey from Conception to Completion

With Konecto as your IoT Solution Provider you get access to a highly specialized IoT team that handles every aspect of your IoT Project.

We are experts in:

Group 20

Communication Protocols

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Group 23

Network Infrastructure

Application Development

Process Reengineering

Monitoring and Support

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LoRaWAN Gateways

Discover why our Kerlink indoor LoRaWAN gateway portfolio is your best choice

Bathroom occupancy sensor

Bathroom Occupancy Sensor

PIR and TOF LoRaWAN restroom occupancy sensor with over 99.5% accuracy, adaptable to all facility settings.   The VS330 is an innovative LoRaWAN® bathroom occupancy

PIR light sensor

PIR & Light Sensor

The WS202 is a combined PIR and light sensor, leveraging LoRaWAN® technology for smart homes, offices, and warehouses. It detects motion within a 6-8 meter

Motion, Temperature, and humidity sensor

Motion, Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The WS203 is a versatile environmental monitoring device, integrating motion and temperature/humidity (TH) sensors. Using passive infrared (PIR) technology, it detects motion within an 8-meter

CO2 and sound sensor

Sound Level Sensor

The WS302 is a LoRaWAN® sound level sensor with an integrated microphone. It is designed to measure a wide range of noise levels and send

Mini leak detector sensor

Mini Leak Detection Sensor

The WS303 Mini Leak Detection Sensor is an advanced, compact device designed for detecting water leaks. It uses LoRaWAN® technology, ensuring low power consumption and

Smart Light Controller

Smart Light Controller

The WS558 Smart Light Controller is a LoRaWAN® device designed to control indoor lighting. It supports two circuit types and eight switches, fitting different rooms

Discover why our Kerlink indoor LoRaWAN gateway portfolio is your best choice

Smart Badge

The Abeeway Smart Badge is a multi-functional tracking device in an ID card format. It combines multi-constellation GNSS, low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffing, BLE, and LoRaWAN®


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