Energy Efficiency Solutions

Experience the future of energy management, today

Our advanced Energy Monitoring sensors provide insights into your energy usage, enabling you to optimize consumption and reduce costs

Energy Monitoring options

Enabling Energy Efficiency with real-time dashboards

Continuously track your energy consumption by individual machines, identify patterns and sudden surges in usage, and establish alerting thresholds

Our Facility Overview dashboard offers a unified view of energy consumption across all your facilities, allowing you to effortlessly pinpoint inefficiencies and uncover savings opportunities

Your Energy Efficiency journey, simplified with Konecto

3 reasons to choose us for your next project:

Our energy monitoring sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate into any facility, including manufacturing plants and office buildings, providing 24/7 energy use monitoring.

Konecto offers a holistic approach to IIoT solutions, managing every aspect from the initial concept design to integration, testing, final delivery, and post-deployment support. This all-encompassing service ensures our clients can concentrate on their primary operations while we handle the complexities of IIoT implementation.

Konecto places a strong emphasis on understanding and addressing our customers’ unique needs and objectives. We customize our services and solutions to ensure they yield significant results that propel business success.

Featured Energy Monitoring sensors:

Not sure how IoT can solve your business challenges?

With Konecto’s Rapid Prototyping Services you can experience the value of an IoT solution in a fraction of the time

Konecto: Powering IoT with Cloud and Edge Infrastructure

We provide robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure solutions that form the backbone of your IoT initiatives. Leveraging the power of both cloud and edge computing, we ensure your mission critical IoT devices and applications deliver the  insights you need to drive your business forward

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