Custom IoT Solutions, designed for your success

Our Custom Solutions are designed with your unique business needs in mind, delivering impactful results that drive your success

The Blueprint to Success: Our proven approach to Custom Solutions


Needs Assessment

The first step is to thoroughly understand your vision and objectives. To achieve this, we will engage in a variety of activities including business workshops, site visits, and technical discussions. These discussions will encompass your existing processes and systems, business challenges, desired outcomes, and stakeholder expectations.


IoT Solution Design

The business solution is thoughtfully crafted, taking into account key elements such as existing systems, new cloud and edge architecture, network and communication protocols. Sensors data is decoded and analyzed. Additionally, we delve into defining new business processes through an As-Is & To-Be analysis, complemented by a refined UX/UI design.


IoT Solution Development

The IoT solution now enters a phase of Agile development and testing. This phase includes the deployment of the architecture and LoRa network server, application development and integrations, data quality checks, coordinating change management activities, and the culmination of new business process. 

Pre-launch Testing

The solution undergoes rigorous end-to-end testing to ensure optimal performance. As part of this phase, sensors are installed in the field, and the solution undergoes rigorous end-to-end testing including data quality controls. Furthermore, a cut-over plan is outlined, and training sessions are carried out for key users. If the solution is intended for market release, supplementary activities are carried out to ensure a successful go-to-market.



The IoT solution is deployed in the Production environment and quality checks are carried out. Users can now leverage the IIoT solution to optimize their business processes. If the solution is integral to a go-to-market strategy, it’s now made available to the end customers.

Monitoring and Support

24/7 monitoring and support are provided to the Production environment, ensuring uninterrupted operations. A dedicated team will oversee subsequent project phases, ensuring complete solution deployment and the realization of its benefits. Should the solution have been introduced to the market, we will undertake customer onboarding activities to ensure a seamless adoption for end-users.

Konecto: Your Partner in Industrial Sensing

Unmatched commitment to providing top-tier industrial sensors, designed to empower your operations with precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Custom Application Development

By partnering with Konecto, you gain access to our team of experts in UX/UI design, communication protocols, security, edge computing, integration and cloud, leveraging these technologies to drive your success.

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With Konecto’s Rapid Prototyping Services you can experience the value of an IoT solution in a fraction of the time

Konecto: Powering IoT with Cloud and Edge Infrastructure

We provide robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure solutions that form the backbone of your IoT initiatives. Leveraging the power of both cloud and edge computing, we ensure your mission critical IoT applications deliver the insights you need to drive your business forward

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