AI for Business

For over three decades, no technology has matched the transformative impact of AI. Harness its power to drive growth, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional value to your customers.

AI Solutions

 Konecto offers AI solutions to help you build the future of your business. Unlock new levels of efficiency, innovation, and growth with our cutting-edge AI technology tailored to your unique needs.

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AI Agents

Leverage AI to enhance customer interactions, boost operational efficiency and autmate workflows. Our AI agents provide intelligent, human-like responses to elevate the customer experience.

Enterprise Insights & Performance

Transform raw data into actionable insights with our AI-driven analytics. Enhance desicion-making and optimize performance across all business functtions.

Computer Vision

Implement cutting-edge computer vision technology to analyze and interpret visual data, enabling smarter, faster business operations.

Generative AI

Explore the creative potential of AI with solutions that generate new content, from text and images to 3D models and music, tailored to your specific needs.

AI + IoT

Integrate AI with IoT to create a connected ecosystem that predicts and prevents issues before they arise, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.



How AI Agents Work

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Request your Free AI Agent Pilot

  • Customized Training: Your AI agent will be trained using your company documents, including datasheets, guides and manuals ​

  • Free Trial Access: We will provide you with the agent’s phone number, allowing you to test its capabilities at no cost

  • Two-Week Testing Period: Enjoy access to the agent for a full two weeks and see how it can benefit your business

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Streamline Business Operations with Automated Workflows

Enhance your business efficiency by automating crucial workflows with our cutting-edge AI solutions. Discover how our AI-driven automations can transform your operations:

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Meeting Scheduling
The AI agent can handle all aspects of booking a meeting. It can check for available time slots, conflicts, send invites, reminders, and much more.
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Internal Workflows
Automate tasks like employee onboarding, document approvals, and task assignments.
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Call transfer
The Agent can start calls and if deemed necessary it can transfer calls to other people in the organization. For instance, if your customer tells the agent, I’d like to talk to someone in sales, the agent can easily handle that request.
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AI Agent Workflows
Any workflow can be automated by the agent. For instance, the agent can log all calls in a CRM, it can send summaries to assigned people, it can create and assign tasks to people, and anything else that might be necessary, greatly increasing your company’s efficiency.

Integrating these AI-driven automations improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances both customer and employee experiences.

Frequently asked questions about AI for Business

An artificial intelligence (AI) agent is a sophisticated entity capable of interacting with its environment, collecting data, and autonomously performing tasks to achieve specific goals. It leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to make decisions and adapt to changing conditions, ensuring efficient and effective task execution. Most importantly, it sounds just like a real person.

To select the appropriate AI solution for your business, first identify your specific needs and objectives. Understand the types of AI solutions available, such as machine learning, NLP, computer vision, and RPA. Evaluate vendor capabilities, including expertise, scalability, and support services. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis and perform a pilot test to assess effectiveness. Finally, continuously monitor and optimize the solution for best results.

Businesses can gain numerous advantages from integrating AI, including:

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: AI helps in streamlining operations, which leads to lower operational expenses.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Providing personalized services and support to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Better management of supply chains and inventory through AI technologies.
  • Predictive Analytics: Utilizing AI for more accurate decision-making and gaining valuable market insights.
  • Product and Service Improvement: Leveraging customer feedback and data analysis to enhance offerings.

Begin your AI journey with us!

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Collaborate with our AI specialists to explore tailored AI solutions for your business challenges

Pilot Project

Design, develop, and deploy a prototype AI solution to demonstrate the potential impacts and benefits for your organization.

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