Wirnet iStation

The iStation LoRaWAN gateway is the market standard for mission critical applications requiring industrial-grade, IP67, outdoor coverage, with Cellular and Ethernet backhaul


The Kerlink Wirnet iStation is a robust outdoor LoRaWAN gateway, well-suited for industrial applications and various use-cases requiring outdoor coverage. This gateway is user-friendly, even for those not specialized in telecommunications, and supports massive device connectivity and high-volume bidirectional communication.

It features cellular and ethernet backhaul, internal antennas, and an IP67 industrial-grade casing. Additionally, it ensures security and easy integration with Konecto’s network management solutions.

Its mounting kit allows for simple and quick installation without opening the casing. It comes with built-in high-rejection filters for co-localization with other radio devices and enabling strong interference resistance. PoE injector powered.