Smart Portable Socket WS523

The WS523 is a LoRaWAN® smart portable socket designed for the monitoring and control of electrical appliances. It offers local and remote control of devices, along with power consumption measurement and overcurrent alarms.


  • Wireless Transmission: LoRaWAN® and Milesight D2D
  • Frequency: Supports multiple international standards including CN470, EU868, US915
  • Features: Plug and play, turn on/off scheduling, overload protection
  • Power: Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission, up to 15 km line of sight
  • NFC: For easy configuration, supports card emulation mode
  • Compatibility: Standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers, Milesight IoT Cloud
  • Dimensions: 110 × 62.3 × 34.6 mm


Summary: The WS523 Smart Portable Socket is a versatile and user-friendly device, ideal for wireless control and monitoring of indoor electrical appliances, with advanced features like overload protection and ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission.