Milesight Occupancy Sensor AI

Workplace Occupancy Sensor

The VS121 is an AI-powered workplace sensor designed to monitor occupancy and utilization in modern workspaces. It uses advanced AI algorithms to achieve a high recognition rate, ensuring accurate monitoring of workspace usage.


  • Transmission: Dual versions (LoRaWAN® and Ethernet) for various applications
  • Features: AI algorithm for up to 98% recognition rate, supports both region people counting and occupancy detection, smart U-turn counting, privacy modes
  • Connectivity: Compatible with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways and mainstream LoRaWAN® network servers
  • Additional Features: Wi-Fi for easy configuration, data push via HTTP, remote management via Milesight DeviceHub


Summary: The VS121 Workplace Occupancy Sensor is ideal for modern office spaces, offering precise occupancy monitoring and advanced features like AI-driven data analysis and versatile connectivity options.