MerryIoT Air Quality CO2

The MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor is a high-performance indoor air quality monitor. It utilizes advanced LoRaWAN connectivity to measure CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity, offering insights into indoor air quality for enhanced comfort and productivity.


  • Frequency Support: EU 868 MHz & US 915 MHz
  • Sensor: 3-in-1 CO2 sensor with temperature and humidity measurement
  • CO2 Measurement Range: 400 ppm – 10000 ppm
  • Accuracy: ±(30 ppm + 3%)
  • Operation Temperature: 0 to 50°C
  • Battery: 3.6V AA Li-SOCl2 x 2 pcs, 5400 mAh, about 2 years life
  • Environmental Rating: IP40 equivalent
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 30mm x 70mm, Weight: 124 g
  • Compliance: CE/FCC/IC approved


Summary: The MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor is a versatile and accurate solution for indoor air quality monitoring, ideal for ensuring optimal environmental conditions in workplaces or homes with its extensive measurement capabilities and long battery life.