Kuando Light green

Kuando Busylight IoT Omega LED Visual Notifier 15821

The Kuando Busylight IoT Omega is an innovative visual notifier for LoRaWAN® networks. As a Class C LoRaWAN® device, it can be programmed to display various colors, suitable for indicating room occupancy, office desk availability, and other status cues.


  • Connectivity: LoRaWAN® Class C, compatible with EU, US, and AU frequencies
  • Features: Multi-color RGB LED light, customizable brightness and flashing, 360-degree visibility
  • Power: Powered via a 3-meter USB cord, USB power adaptor included
  • Use Cases: Ideal for meeting rooms, office spaces, parking lots, and as a cue for calendar events or production lines


Summary: The Kuando Busylight IoT Omega offers versatile, visible notifications for a wide range of applications, enhancing the IoT experience in professional and public spaces with its customizable color and brightness options.